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We plan and execute powerful networking events within conferences, summits, exhibitions - such as speed dating, round tables, meeting points, networking areas. This way we create a unique atmosphere combined with a physical space, where people can meet, connect and start building strong business relationships … even friendships.

Our biggest asset are the people - the Matchmakers, who enable a one-in-a-lifetime atmosphere and tech-supported formats. Thanks to them our area becomes the heart of every event - created with empathy and love, by humans, for humans, supported by state of the art digital tools.



Within her first business Do Work You Love our founder Galina Bankova has been working with thousands of amazing young people, who have the passion, the skills and the willingness to enable other people to grow. She was determined to find the best setting for those high-potentials to do so.

Galina’s life purpose is to enable powerful human connections. She believs that everyone first has to build an honest and loving relationship to themself, to develop self-awareness and corresponding goals. Second: to build such relationships to other people - in both work and private environments. Third level: to be a facilitator for others to connect and together build buituful, meaningful, successful partnerships - in business and leisure context.

With Do Work You Love she helps individuals go through levels one and two. For level three she created The Matchmakers.

As an experienced event host, passionate event visitor and critic on mediocre networking, Galina has been investing a lot of time and energy in developing solutions for one of the biggest problems of today’s business world - stop wasting time talking to the wrong people about the wrong things during networking events.

One of Galina’s triber has always been: change networking in a way that everyone starts creating meaningful, fast, personalized, relevant connections to people, businesses, ideas, projects and activities and have fun in the meantime.

In spring 2017 she started brainstorming on that topic together with Bits & Pretzels’ former producer Kira Shilling. They met a couple of times and a strong partnership was born - enabling the beginning of The Matchmakers.



* Every event host - small or big - will be able to facilitate an extraordinary event experience for their guests.*

* Matchmaker will be a well-known and respected profession and career path.*

* Each company will be interested in having at least one Matchmaker, who connects employees, projects, know-how within the company as well as with external stakeholders.*

* Our strong network of professional Matchmakers will be active all around Europe.*

* In our Matchmaking Academy we’ll train Matchmakers -
who can be volunteers, professionals or representing companies and event organizers.*

* Alongside enabling events and companies to execute unforgetable happenings,
we also create a community, environment, framework and accelerator for the Matchmakers - who become the best version of themselves and co-create a beautiful future of work.*

Become a part of this exiting journey. It is life-changing :)